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The Team
   Jeff Wuagneux, President and CEO
   Drew Luce, Chief Operating Officer/Executive V.P.
   Trisha Devine, VP National Accounts
   Paul Altaffer, VP Business & Product Development
   Pi-Yu Hsu, Technical Director
   Marty Wisley General Manager RFI Extracts
Scientific Advisory Board
   Ginny Bank
   Alan Roberts
Yerba Mate
Chocamine Scientific Advisory Board

Ginny Bank
Ginny has been researching and developing plant-based functional ingredients for nutritional supplement applications for over 15 years. Ms. Bank began her career as a natural products chemist with Hauser Inc., a research and development company which focused on natural product extracts and purified plant compounds for the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and food industries. She spent 7 years as Vice President of Research and Development with RFI Ingredients. She currently is President and Founder of Full Spectrum Consulting, a natural products consulting firm specializing in research, product development, quality management and technical marketing for the nutraceutical and food industries. Ms. Bank is considered an industry expert in antioxidant research and holds four U.S. patents pertaining to antioxidants and their applications. She is also a contributing editor for Prepared Foods/NutraSolutions magazine. She received her bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a master's degree in Science Education from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts holds an undergraduate degree in Physiology and a Master's degree in Human Nutrition. Since his collegiate years as an NCAA Division I athlete (Cross Country and Track & Field), he has maintained a strong interest in the field of nutrition. Alan has held key positions at Herbalife International and Natrol, where he was involved in expanding product lines into new foreign markets, product formulation, regulatory compliance and managing clinical trials. Alan also served as a co-founder, along with Sylvester Stallone, of sports nutrition company INSTONE, LLC, where he was responsible for product development, regulatory affairs, marketing and web development. After INSTONE, Alan went on to become co-founder of 20/20 Brainpower and developed cognitive formulations that were recently tested at one of the world's leading brain research institutes. Alan is also the inventor of several patented products. Currently, as founder of Nutrition Innovation, Alan and his team provide their clients with customized product support ranging from product formulation to a complete product roll-out including marketing, sales and distribution support.

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